Blog SEO, Blog Traffic

Blog SEO, Blog Traffic

Blog SEO and blog traffic strategies tips and tools to increase blog traffic directly and increase search engine ranking and generate traffic from organic search results to your blog.

I know there are too many ebooks, blogs posts articles and reports about how to increase blog traffic, and blog marketing strategies, and on each strategy or tip I will mention here you can find books written, but I wanted here to put everything you need to k now in one page so you can have this as a check list and working plan.

We will start by optimizing your blog to the search engine, what we call Blog SEO, and it is the first thing you need to do.

Search engines and especially Google still the best source of traffic, and you will have no chance getting any of that traffic if you do not optimize your blog and have Good effective on page SEO.

blog traffic

Here is how you can optimize your blog:

First we will start by building a keyword list, I will not waste your time here on keyword research, but it is a very important to have a list of good keywords, then choose one or maximum 2 keywords to target with your main home page.

Using Google keyword tool you can find some great keywords and see how many searches per month each keyword get, then go to search box and get a good idea who are your competition with each keyword.

On Page Blog SEO.

On page SEO for blog is simple, just go to your admin area and install the all in one SEO plug in, just go to plug ins in your admin area, click on add new, in the search box search for all in one SEO, and install this plug in.

After installing go to setting, and click all in one SEO to update the setting of this plug in, then write your title, and a  short description and 2 keywords. Those 2 keywords are the keywords you are targeting and you must have them on the title and the description.

The second step go to setting general and write the same title in your site title form, and you can have some attractive tagline.

Then go to setting permalink to set your permanent link, the best SEO permanent link is the link that has the category and the post title. Just put a check mark on custom structure and add this value in the form (/%category%/%postname%/ )

The last thing to do for on-page blog SEO is to have a sitemap page (There is a Google sitemap plugin that can create this page for you), contact us page, about page, and privacy page.

That’s it, now your blog is optimized,  just remember whenever you create a new post or new page just fill in the forms of all in one SEO plug in for the new post or page, and this way each new post or page will have a unique SEO title, description and keywords.


Content is and will always be the KING, the most important aspect of blogging, and having unique and high value blog posts, no matter how effective you will be in SEO, link building and traffic generation if you don’t have content that people seek, you will never be able to make your content convert and reach high ranking on search engine.

Google now use social signals and bounce rate to determine the quality of your content, so you need to have good quality of articles to make people stay, read, spend time on your blog and most of all share your content with their friends.

Once blogger where just writing articles, and hope someone will read, like, share and click the links; now you need to think more, be creative, and figure out what kind of content will attract your audience and make them stay on your blog, read more, like, share and revisit for more.

For example:

Videos, info graphics, charts, diagrams, lists, latest news, updates, and really high value and helpful information; this way you can be a king in your niche, and you will not only generate traffic, but you can get easy back links and bloggers in your topic will link to your content.

And to do so, you need to read as much as possible, connect to news channels in your topic, forums, blogs and every information channel in your niche so you can provide the latest information to your audience.

Some experts say “if you cannot write, hire a ghost writer” but I say, never ever do that, write your own content, create your own videos, your own graphics; make people know who you are, and how you write. People do not care much about how good you write, they care about how good your information is.

If you are just starting your blog, you need to at least post twice a week, this way you make search engines to notice your content, and you can start getting some traffic. Use the keyword list you have built, and each keyword can be a new title for new post. Then have a plan of posting new content in regular bases.

Blog Traffic

When we start generating traffic to our website, we need to have in mind one very important aspect, traffic generation build by link building, we are building links to our main blog and each separate blog post and page. Link building is a traffic generation and SEO strategy. And when we are building link we need to diversify our anchor text using as many related terms and sometime using naked URL.

Start generating traffic to your blog.

We will start step by step to generate traffic to your blog then increase this traffic by the time, while adding more content, attract more audience and increase blog popularity, authority and ranking on the search engine results pages (SERP).

1. The first traffic generation strategy we will use is social marketing.

Just open an account with as much social networks as you can, start with facebook, twitter, linked in and Google +. Then share your main blog URL with those networks, and then share any new post you publish and any new page.

I strongly recommend installing a plug in for social sharing buttons on your blog, a floating social sharing plug in is a great way to get your posts and content shared by your readers and audience. A good social plug in that can give you all the feature of social sharing, viral traffic and social marketing, it’s not free but worth it it is called Viral traffic optimizer, but you can start with a simple free plug in that give you floating social buttons like Wp Socializer.

So start by posting your URLs with a short message to all social networks, and ask your friends to share and talk about your blog. I have told you before that Google now measure social signals to determine the quality of the content and the popularity of your blog. In the advanced traffic and SEO strategies we will show you how to get more shares and more social signals and talks.

2. The second step will be submitting your blog feed to feed directories, in this step you can use your own feed or you can build a new feed URL with FeedBurner form Google webmasters tool. And then submit your feed to all major feed directories.

You can use free feed submitting tools like Ping-O-Matic, Feedshark, and search for feed directories and manually submit your feed. This step will distribute your content easily to readers seeking such content in your topic.

This strategy is not a onetime strategy, you will need to resubmit and ping your feed at least once a week, don’t overdo it, personally I recommend pinging your feed only after having new content published.

There is no need to purchase any feed submission software or service, just do it manually and through free tools.

3. Now we will focus more in high effective link building strategies that will generate traffic and help us increase popularity and authority of your blogs.

We are updating this content. To bring you only the effective and good information, so be sure to visit later.. For now go to to read the information there..

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